Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blog Technology Revisted

     Took the dog out for a blog this afternoon. WHAT? I can hear you asking.  And I reply, my dog is a writer, too.  The technology is different, but it's the same functionality. You don't believe me?
When poochie and I perambulate, she stops and busily sniffs the news along the way.  Often she leaves a comment.  At least once a day, she leaves a post.
 The other dog bloggers read her post and her comments, drop their own comments throughout the neighborhood, and make their own postings.

     The dogs also tweet.  I refer to the howling that passes up and down the dog telegraph at night.  That's no tweet, you may cry. But consider the function.  One dog sees a potential "intruder" coming down the street. He tweets the dogs nearby.  Those dogs re-tweet the message.  Other dogs, not even in the immediate neighborhood pass the message until it circles back to indicate all the dogs have it.  Then one of the dogs comments on the extremely sassy cat he saw that day.  He is joined by tweeted chortles of appreciation.  He thanks all the re-tweeters for their earlier assistance, and that's it for the moment.  Perfect tweeting form.

     I'm telling you.  It's real.  Or maybe I have just been working too hard at learning social media.