Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Love Lamb

     The fact that I bought a book actually IS news, because I usually get them free.  I have to, or face bankruptcy, since I read 5 to 10 per week. For this one, however, I was willing to put down hard cash.  "We Are Not Alone" by Kristin Lamb has provided more help with my social media self-torture than any thing else I have read so far.  
     Like me, Lamb is a writer.  She gears her advice to writers.  Even fiction writers like me.  Yay!  She tells us our approach to social media needs to differ from IBM's and Westinghouse's, and she tells us in what way.  So I finally understand WHY I need to come out of my cave and WHAT I need to talk about.  Also HOW to do it on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter (i.e., the techie stuff).
     And you know what?  It's even an easy read. Entertaining as well as informative.
     OF COURSE she has a blog, darling.  Warrior Writers Don't you love the name?  And it, too, is worth reading.  I was charmed by her latest on "ambiverts" (the sweet spot between introvert and extrovert), but I especially liked an earlier one that focused on dealing with mistakes
     Have a quote from that one.
One of the strangest lessons I ever heard was that drivers, who are going at mind-blowing speeds around twisting, winding roads, are always in danger of hitting the wall. But, to avoid hitting the wall, they must train themselves to NEVER LOOK at the wall. Why? Because the car goes where they eyes go.
      Yes. And LIFE goes where the thoughts go. Kristin is inspirational, solidly grounded, and most informative.  Worth checking out.