Thursday, April 18, 2013

To the overly sensitive nose of the loveless woman with no room at her inn:

The “bathroom”in the US often does not contain facilities for a bath. This misnomer is intended to divert puritanical attention from the fact that it DOES contain a toilet, and that said item is the modern equivalent of a “chamber pot,” differing from early models in that it contains water and is emptied by flushing rather than by the previous custom of pouring the contents out a window. These “bathrooms” are often fragrant with the scent of human urine and human feces for some time after use, and so another huge industry of cover-up-the-smelly-stuff has arisen to help maintain the illusion that people do not “potty” in the house.

For the price of picking up a few bits of fecal matter with a tissue and tossing them into the modern chamber pot as well as “enduring” an occasional whiff of dog urine on some paper towels (which I place for her use on a special piece of plastic), it is my much appreciated privilege to live with three pounds of pure love packaged in a furry, six-inch body.  That little body must be protected by a sleepy, and therefore less attentive, owner from hawks, owls, coyotes, roving dog packs, etc.  So my beloved "potties" in the same chamber I do, although not in the stinky bowl.  She is paper trained.   

Bottom line:  we BOTH “potty in the house.”  And so do you, madam. So do you.